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ABU Garcia "Sunshine" Reels are a Match The best way to evaluate whether a "Sunshine" is the best for you is by reading reviews of the different models. Do the reviews mention Abu Garcia or Garcia fish reels? If so, this reel may be the one for you. If they only mention Garcia's, or mention them and Abu Garcia, you're probably better off with one of the other models.. Best Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reel? The best Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reel is the one you feel best matches your needs. The features and quality of a reel are as important as its price. When you have your choice of several reels, you want to make sure that your new reel will perform the way you expect. You can check out many different models from Abu Garcia in order to find one that matches your preferences.. Buyers Guide, Best Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reel. . Designed for Salmon fishing, the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur is a reliable, robust and efficient, high quality fishing reel. A six row, three ball bearing with shock absorbing spool design ensures that the reel will not overheat. The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur is equipped with a 7-and-a-half-inch diameter open gear box, a master pivoting system, reverse limit control and a sturdy arm. This reel is ideal for larger fish, especially salmon.. From your first Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reel until you replace it with a new one, you will enjoy an affordable reel with long-lasting reliability. This reel is equipped with a seven-and-a-half-inch-diameter open gear box, a master pivoting system, reverse limit control and a sturdy arm. The open gear box is made from aluminum, which is durable and resistant to corrosion. The master pivoting system increases the rigidity of the spool. The reverse limit control allows you to limit the amount of line that is unreeled from the spool.. The reel's arm is sturdy and strong, and you can use it to reel in and control larger, heavier fish. The reel is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur is built with quality, durability and performance in mind. It is a very dependable and solid reel, and will be an excellent addition to your fishing gear. . be359ba680

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